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Maria Casares as Lady Macbeth by Lucien Clergue. Sleepwalking scene. “Macbeth” By William Shakespeare dir. Jean Vilar 1953.



Maria Casares as Lady Macbeth. Sleepwalking scene. “Macbeth” By William Shakespeare.

Maria Casares as Lady Macbeth

Jean Vilar as Macbeth

Festival d’Avignon

Festival d’Avignon or Avignon Festival is a famous theater festival is held annually in Avignon. Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, it is the oldest extant festival in France and one of the world’s greatest,  it comprises traditional theatrical events as well as other art forms such as dance, music, and cinema, making good use of the town’s historical monuments. Every summer approximately 100,000 people attend the festival. There are really two festivals that take place: the more formal “Festival In”, which presents plays inside the Palace of the Popes and the more bohemian “Festival Off”, which is known for its presentation of largely undiscovered plays and street performances.