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She shot with Studio Harcourt quite a lot. Personally, I do not like this image, but it is only my opinion. Anyway, I started this blog to share her photos. Obviously. ^_^

These shoots of Maria Casares were made at Harcourt Studio in Paris,  France

Studio Harcourt is a prestigious photography studio founded in Paris in 1934 by the brothers Lacroix and Germaine Hirschefeld (1900–1976) aka Cosette Harcourt. It is known in particular for its black and-white photographs of movie stars and celebrities. The typical Harcourt style consists in a photo taken at close distance to the subject in its best light, generally creating a halo of light and dark, on a gray-to-black background. The attitude of the subject is personal, often wearing a slight smile, but somehow always feels a little staged; prints immediately recognizable for their distinctive style and lighting.

Prestige Portrait:
Approximatively 30 shots are taken in black and white (or in color if desired) in a two hour session. The best shot is signed by Harcourt and delivered in a 24×30 cm format suitable for framing and presented in an elegant box.
Having a photo taken at Harcourt in 2010 reportedly costs about 1,900 Euros.

10 rue Jean-Goujon, Paris