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Monthly Archives: August 2013


Maria Casares as Lady Macbeth. Sleepwalking scene. “Macbeth” By William Shakespeare.


By Euripides. Maria Casares, Sylvie Laporte, Farida Rahouadj.

According to Wikipedia: “Le Jeune Homme et La Mort” is a ballet by Roland Petit, choreographed in 1946 to Bach’s Passacaglia in C Minor, BWV 582 (omitting the fugue), with a one-act libretto by Jean Cocteau. Sets were by Georges Wakhévitch and costumes variously reported as being by Karinska or Cocteau.

The libretto has similarities wth Jean Cocteau’s “Orpheus/Orphee” film.

To my mind, Uliana Lopatkina is one of the best performers of this iconic role. She shows cold wickedness and inner passion of Cocteau’s Death. Vicious. Perfect. Maria Casares would definitely enjoy.

You cannot resist her.

Le Jeune Homme et La Mort. Uliana Lopatkina. Igor Zelensky. Mariinsky Theater.