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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Maria Montez, “The Queen of Technicolor” nearly played Death instead of Maria Casares. Jean Cocteau was trying to raise a big budget for “Orphee”, to star (Jean-Pierre) Aumont and Montez, but sufficient funds were not forthcoming, so he slashed the budget and made the film with his friends Jean Marais and Maria Casares (no doubt his preferred choice anyway). Montez was very disappointed, and Aumont (her husband) tried to cheer her up: “You’ll have other roles, more beautiful and charming ones to suit your personality.”

“But darling,” Montez protested, “Death should be beautiful and charming.”


Death and her Judges

Death at the tribunal

The shot from “Orphee” by Jean Cocteau

She shot with Studio Harcourt quite a lot. Personally, I do not like this image, but it is only my opinion. Anyway, I started this blog to share her photos. Obviously. ^_^

Maria Casares in Les Justes by Albert Camus (1950)

By David Florence (1891-1958)